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What is Tabula Vox?

Introducing Tabula Vox, an innovative online real-time soundtrack composer designed to revolutionize your gaming experiences. Gamemasters, this is the campaign music tool you’ve been looking for. 

Hassle Free

Vox was specifically designed to stay out of the way. Ditch the hassle of manually managing playlists and soundboards.

Control Ambiance and Mood

With just a touch of a button, change the mood, setting, and atmosphere of your music, creating an immersive audio experience.

Professionally composed themes

Whether you’re running fantasy, futuristic sci-fi, or horror-filled mystery, Vox offers a wide range of musical themes and moods to choose from.

Transitions and real-time mixing

Vox takes care of real-time mixing and musical transitions, so gamemasters can easily shift the mood without worrying about timing.

Music is a powerful, compelling, and immersive aspect for creating atmosphere in your games.

As a gamemaster, you have a lot to manage. Adding to your preparation and to-do’s while running sessions ends up taking away from the experience of collaborative storytelling. Before Vox, we were limited to either using existing soundtracks and playlists, or committing to managing layered, expansive soundboards during sessions.

The best tabletop RPG gameplay is not scripted. So, scripted music won’t always fit, and in fact it can break player’s immersion with jarring transitions, accidental sound effects, lengthy pauses, and distracting voiceovers.

The dynamic music of Vox can shift with your storytelling, enhance the immersion and ambience.

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