Who We Are

We are Tabula Gaming, the makers behind the Tabula Sono Virtual Tabletop. We are engineers, artists, nerds, and entrepreneurs.

Tabula Gaming's Mission

We’re bringing back the power of creativity to our tabletop  roleplaying games by providing out-of-the-way and useful tools to the gaming community.

It’s no secret that tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons have been making a comeback the last few years. Being together around the table with friends playing a cooperative, unrestricted game was a welcome change from the screens and disembodied voices gamers had become used to. In early 2020, however, global events forced everything online overnight. Luckily for the industry, the digital momentum was already there and we forged ahead building online tools to keep the games going. But somewhere along the way the tools got so focused on the technical and mechanical aspects of the games, we lost the magic of the social and collaborative aspects of tabletop. We were back to screens and headsets and lost the freedom we used to enjoy when not being weighed down by our digital tools. 

We’ve created tools like Tabula Sono and Tabula Vox to solve these challenges.

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